The following are Podcasts I run. The Jared Rimer network is not responsible for content found in these podcasts. Just visit their web pages to learn more or subscribe to the RSS feeds. You may also right click on the direct RSS feed found on this page. The following is a table with the podcast names, and the descriptions of the podcasts. The third column will have the RSS feed, and you can either right click and select copy link, or click the link and then copy and paste the link in the address bar to your RSS reader or pod catcher. We now have the podcasts in alphabetical order.

Name of Podcast description RSS link
Jared's personal blog This is Jared's Personal blog. I've had entries here for quite awhile, and I've decided to make this live journal my blog. some adult material is possible. not available
Jared's Audio Blog On this audio blog, Jared Rimer will talk about what is on his mind. There may be descriptions of sex or strong language in this program. Please be aware of it. RSS
MENVI, bridging the gap between the blind and music, Presentations page On this page, you will find presentations dealing with music and the blind, as part of the MENVI network. I will interview MENVI specialists, families, etc. for experiences. I may read good articles we post on our MENVI web page under articles just to add to it. RSS link
Michelle Dyer Memorial web site This web site has some information on a friend of mine who has been on a lot of my podcast through the years. Michelle died May 15, 2010 and this site is a tribute to her memory. All of my podcasts and her programming we've helped out with, as well as tributes. RSS link
Technology blog and podcast This podcast deals with anything technology. You may submit reviews of anything technology, talk about any of the articles that are posted to the blog, or just comment. You must be registered to comment on the blog. As time allows. RSS link
White Cane Travel On this podcast, we talk about experiences, we talk about ONM training, and we'll also include a blog which will have articles and thoughts as well. Some strong language RSS

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